Searching for a trusted protective packaging solution starts here

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Having the ability to ship nearly any item across the world is no easy task, but finding a protective packaging partner willing to work with a customer’s unique needs shouldn’t be a struggle. Many customers simply want a trusted packaging solution that will get their products safely from point A to point B in the most efficient and cost-effective method possible.

Developing customer satisfaction
Not only do businesses want happy customers, but companies want a packaging company that keeps operation managers pleased as well. A report from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan Management Review explained that in recent years, more attention is now focused on improving customer satisfaction. With the right packaging partner, products arrive faster and intact to customers to create a better experience. Additionally, when warehouse facility managers can ship products more easily, the company’s bottom line increases.

Businesses shipping products across the globe require innovations that will help maintain profitability. A study from Report Buyer said the protective packaging industry is expected to grow to roughly $6.4 billion by 2018, which means more companies’ products are being shipped leading to higher volume. By focusing on the customer experience, Pregis can solve customers’ packaging needs in the most cost-effective manner. While protective packaging might not be the first item on a company’s list of priorities, safer and more reliable packing is necessary for the expanding shipping market.

“Pregis provides innovative protective packaging solutions for all kinds of items.”

Matching shipping demands
The rebounding manufacturing sector in the U.S. is likely to push domestic and international shipping even further. To match this growth, businesses need a packaging solution that can step up to the challenge. The Report Buyer study added that customers receiving packages simply want a brand they can trust and know will perform under any circumstance. Pregis provides innovative protective packaging solutions for nearly any kind of item a company will need to ship.

Customers look for smart solutions with packaging and using the appropriate cushioning material could make the difference between an item showing up damaged or in pristine condition. Pregis offers a plethora of inflatable systems and foam packaging to fit whatever item that has to be safely and securely shipped.

When businesses work with an effective packaging solutions company, they will get peace of mind knowing operational costs could decline and customer satisfaction will go up.