Temporary protective films keeps surfaces safe

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Protecting products from damage should be top of mind for both manufacturers and retailers, but it's important to remember that damage comes in many forms. An item can arrive perfectly intact, but a superficial scratch or a dulled sheen on a stainless steel surface is enough to disappoint a customer, to say the least.

To prevent these unfortunate occurrences, manufacturers and retailers must take extra precautions when producing and shipping items with a potentially delicate surface. Surface protection films, such as the ones from SG PolyMask, can keep these items safe and pristine on their way to the consumer.

Manufacturers and retailers in a variety of industries can benefit from using temporary protective films. Two of the biggest markets that benefit from using these protective packaging products are the automotive industry and appliance industry.

Automotive perfection from assembly to lot

As the weather warms up, consumers are anxious to go for summer drives and road trips, which means many may be in the market for a new car. According to Zacks, light vehicle sales in the U.S. reached 17.55 million units in 2016, a 0.3 percent increase over 2015. Though 2017 sales seem to be off to an underwhelming start, the automotive market is expected to hold strong throughout the year.

Several trends will drive car sales this year. CNBC reported that many of the major auto manufacturers, including Ford, Nissan, GM and Toyota, are finding many consumers are more interested in their SUV selection than their small car options. Nissan Rogue sales were up 40 percent in April, though the company experienced a 14 percent decrease in car sales.

Another trend is technology, Zacks reported. In-car technological offerings have progressed with each passing year, and in 2017, consumers can expect to find features in new cars like back-up cameras, in-car connectivity features and automatic emergency braking systems.

As consumers ponder whether a new car purchase is right for them, it's critical that all models arrive at dealerships in pristine condition. Surfaces like hoods, door handles and fenders should all look brand new; that means no imperfections. Even a small scratch can decrease the value of a car. While the consumer may appreciate the lower cost, he or she likely doesn't want to drive off the lot with a less-than-perfect vehicle.

Surfaces inside the car must be in top condition as well. Especially when showing off features like the backup camera, high gloss appliques on the center console or a new multi-surface dashboard, scuffs and scratches must be avoided.

New cars can be kept in perfect condition when manufacturers use the proper packaging materials when assembling the cars and even through shipping them to dealerships. Surface protection films adhere directly to the part or surface that needs to be protected, and are easily peeled off when they arrive at the dealership. These protective packaging materials maintain the aesthetic that the manufacturer intended, and that consumers are drawn to.

Household appliances

As some consumers head to car dealerships to check out the shiny new models for purchase, many homeowners who've been dreaming up their next remodel all winter will begin to work on home improvement projects.

This year, two new trends will begin popping up in more homes: matte-finished appliances and warm-toned metals, House Beautiful reported.

Stainless steel appliances had their day, captivating many with shiny, hygienic-looking surfaces. After years of preferring this metal finish, homeowners are beginning to swap the stainless sheen for a warmer, matte or textured painted metal finish.

Matte or textured finishes are bold and elegant, and give unique character to a kitchen.

"Matte can also be a really unexpected finish for objects that are traditionally lustrous or glossy," explained designer Bobby Berk to House Beautiful.

For matte to look as new as possible, the finish must be impeccable and untainted. A surface scratch or slight marring can disrupt the velvety appearance of a matte black refrigerator or stove.

Surface protection films keep items looking pristine

As consumers begin thinking about how that new car or appliance will look in their driveway and home, it's important that manufacturers and retailers similarly think about how to ensure their products are delivered in the perfect state in which they are made.

Leaving a spotless surface to chance isn't enough. It's crucial that these decorative surfaces are protected. Using a temporary surface protection film is one of the best ways to ensure these products arrive at consumers' homes unscathed. To learn about what surface protection films will serve your company best, speak with the protective film experts at SG PolyMask. Consumers expect perfection; SG PolyMask ensures manufacturers deliver it.