How to streamline the packaging process within your supply chain

Businesses constantly look for faster ways to improve customer experience and for ways to ship goods to their locations more quickly. Any business owner will tell you that it’s not an easy process, and it takes improvement throughout the supply chain to make your business work.

One area that is often overlooked within the supply chain is the packaging process. Increasing efficiency and cost-effectiveness in your packaging operation can have an extremely beneficial impact on your overall business.

Boost your packaging station speeds
To have a successful supply chain, it’s important to look at your packaging station in your warehouse. According to Multi-Channel Merchant, the packaging station is critical for businesses as it should be an area for your customers’ orders to receive the¬†attention each item needs. Instead of having a multitude of boxes, air cushioning and packaging materials to choose from, businesses can improve processes by offering more standardized packaging options so less time is spent on fitting odd-shaped items.

Essentially, this means having too many options could slow down operations with a large number of choices. Instead, working with much fewer options and packaging standards will help packers make a decision faster and waste less time trying to find the perfect box.

Get the entire supply chain committed
Supply chains take more than just one person to see an improvement – hence the name. Just like a chain, you need all parts to work together and at the same strength to ensure your business is as efficient. McKinsey and Company, an advisor firm, explained that to improve your supply chain, you need to bring in all of the company’s leaders to clearly define the work of the supply chain.

“Packaging design hiccups essentially cause one issue to become a larger supply chain problem.”

Having everyone on board helps streamline the process because of the amount of people involved. If you simply try to streamline your packaging process on your end alone, you might not get far. Bring everyone together to discuss your packaging solutions to get all of the cogs working together, increasing overall impact and efficiency.

Keeping packing processes up to date
One of the easiest ways to derail your supply chain is through outdated or obsolete industrial packaging designs. Whether you’re launching a new product or changing its size, you need to have everyone ready for different packaging processes.

Having outdated packaging designs can affect marketing campaigns and cause issues in inventory, Sage Supply Chain Management reported. These hiccups essentially cause one issue to become a larger supply chain problem.

Instead of letting a single issue turn into many, partnering with a trusted and knowledgeable packaging solutions company can ensure your bumps in the road don’t turn into critical business dilemmas.