Increasing customer satisfaction by reducing damage

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As a business, you have a major role in how your customers perceive your company. Creating the best customer experience is one sure way to gain trust. Businesses can edit their websites, email ads and images to be catchy and attract customers, but once your product leaves your facility, it becomes the recipient’s experience that defines you.

According to a Shopify report, the shipping process is often overlooked as one of the most important steps in your business, but in fact, packaging can make or break a customer’s experience. If you don’t work with a trusted and customer-first oriented protective packaging partner, your company could end up losing profitability.

If you put the company in the hands of someone who doesn’t want to take the time and effort to see your business succeed, there’s no telling how successful you can be even with a superb marketing team.

Damaged items make a lasting impression
Anyone who owns a business built around shipping products to customers will tell you it all depends on how quick the item ships and the condition in which it arrives. When a customer receives a damaged item from your business, he or she will have an enduring impression on how you run your business.

“The majority of customers do not want to deal with a broken item once it arrives.”

Once customers notice how you prioritize the safe arrival of a package, they can determine how satisfied they are with the process. According to a study of logistics and material handling departments from Peerless Research Group, a research solutions firm for businesses, out of all the competitive challenges faced with handling packages, 86 percent of respondents said increasing customer satisfaction was the most important aspect.

The report discovered more than four out of five respondents felt the packaging process was the most critical thing connected toward receiving a purchased item. Simply put, the majority of customers do not want to deal with a broken item once it arrives and that’s why roughly 21 percent of the respondents in the survey said they spend at least 25 percent to 49 percent of their material handling budgets on packaging materials and equipment to prevent damaged goods.

Using the right packaging materials
While numerous companies might think they understand how to use the correct packaging materials to get items safely to customers, many actually don’t realize it helps to have an expert to assist you on the way, Inbound Logistics reported.

One of the best ways to resolve this issue is to have a strong relationship with a trusted packaging company that can streamline your business and make sure your items arrive on time and in perfect condition.

To gain a customer’s trust in your business, it all starts with your protective packaging solutions.