Meet Maxwell. The Newest Member of Your Packaging Team.


As the newest feature on IntelliPack’s SmartBAGGERâ„¢, Maxwell brings unprecedented intelligence to foam-in-place (FIP) packaging. Maxwell empowers everyone- from operations to procurement – with granular reporting and up-to-the-minute data for increased visibility on material consumption, as well as process controls such as bar-coding, to manage packaging costs.

Put Maxwell’s intelligence to work, and its vast memory can bring:

  • -Intuitive interface
  • -Unlimited barcoding ability
  • -Instant preset bag repeatability
  • -Custom bag production on demand
  • -Wireless reporting and control
  • -Remote data loading and extraction
  • -Self-cleaning mode for extended life
  • -Operator video training
  • -Trouble-shooting photo guides
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