Put Maxwell’s intelligence to work.


Quite simply, there’s never been anything that can think on its feet like Maxwell. With Maxwell on board, you get the adaptability and speed to quickly meet any foam-in-place (FIP) need. Unlimited barcoding ability means instant repeatability for an unlimited number of preset bag sizes. And when a new product shows up, Maxwell’s agility lets you produce a custom bag size on demand. Now that’s smart.

Put Maxwell’s intelligence to work, and its vast memory can bring:

  • -Intuitive interface
  • -Unlimited barcoding ability
  • -Instant preset bag repeatability
  • -Custom bag production on demand
  • -Wireless reporting and control
  • -Remote data loading and extraction
  • -Self-cleaning mode for extended life
  • -Operator video training
  • -Trouble-shooting photo guides
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