Omni-Channel: Creating a seamless purchasing experience [Infographic]

The online retail industry has been growing exponentially for years and it won’t be slowing down anytime soon. By 2019, online sales will reach $480 billion. More than half of all retail purchases will be completed online or influenced by the Internet in some way by 2018.

With the retail market rapidly moving in this direction, the need for reliable, safe delivery services has been more important than ever. In fact, over the next four years, the demand for protective packaging will increase 4.5 percent, resulting in a valuation of $6.4 billion.

Today, customers receive their retail goods from a variety of channels. Packages can come from distribution centers, where production is fast, efficient and conducted by employees with extensive training. They can also come from the store which sells the items ordered. However, regardless of where the item starts out, the customer should see that each package receives reliable, consistent care and attention.

This is where Pregis comes in. Pregis is a material neutral company, which means it produces a variety of protective packaging to meet the needs of any item that needs packaging.
Beyond providing the packaging material needed, Pregis also works directly with its clients to make sure they optimize the packaging process. Large distribution centers and small stores alike have challenges they may face as the online retail industry continues to grow.

While retailers have used distribution centers to pack and ship items for distribution for many years, they may need to adjust to seasonal demands or the shift to omni-channel fulfillment. Retail stores, on the other hand, often have limited experience with this aspect of fulfillment, as well as limited floor space. In each of these situations, Pregis can help stores and distribution centers alike identify the best solution for their particular needs.