Huggable Moments Protected by Pregis

Pregis’ wide array of protective packaging material types and systems can help you deliver huggable moments.

Joy, excitement, satisfaction and delight!  These are just a few of the emotions you want customers to experience when your product is removed from its package on the receiving end.

Pregis can help you create those responses by providing a wide variety of protective packaging materials and solutions that cushion and cradle your product all the way through the distribution channel.

We realize that not all products or manufacturing/distribution environments are the same.  That is why we take the time to understand your needs and customer objectives.  Retailers and manufacturers want to create a positive customer experience that increases customer lifetime value.  Package aesthetics, damage protection and speed-to-market are a just a few of the factors that should be considered.

At Pregis, we excel at working with you to understand your product attributes, packing environment, savings goals and fulfillment & logistics challenges.  Pregis provides a “no obligation” audit of your operations and consults with you to recommend a cost-effective solution to meet your precise needs.

Let Pregis help you create those huggable moments for your customers.